Medicine Facilitators, Trip-sitters and Guides

Below we have compiled a list of medicine facilitators and guides based in and outside of the state of Colorado. All facilitators and guides are trusted members of our community. 

Psilocybin Ceremonies
Psychedelic Trip Sitters

"We offer 1:1 microdose coaching as well as two and four-week trip-sitting programs.

     Trip Sitters and guides are experienced mental health professionals that are prepared to help you navigate the psychedelic experience. 

     Our sitters will be present throughout the entire experience, ensuring that the participant is safe, both mentally and physically from beginning to end. 

     We have multiple options for programs to fit everybody's budget and time requirements."

*Psychedelic Trip Sitters is based in Denver, CO and are trusted members of our community.

Psychedelic Trip Sitters 
(786) 695-4517 

Kambo (Frog Medicine)
Soul Song Kambo

"Kambo, also known as the Giant Monkey Tree Frog or Phylomedusa bicolor, is an Amazonian frog that has been used for thousands of years to heal a broad spectrum of illnesses."

     Amy serves Kambo in the Matses warrior tradition.

"My intention is not to heal you, but to guide you in healing yourself. Whether it's with Reiki, Kambo, trauma coaching, or an intuitive reading, I can help you get unstuck and find balance again. Preserving ancient knowledge and connection to what is natural, is a large part of my soul purpose in this age of trans-humanism and confusion. It is my reward to serve you as we honor the past, believe in the future, and embrace the present. "

*Amy is a trusted member of Colorado Psychedelic Community. If you are interested in sitting with Kambo, contact Amy for more information.

Amy Raine 


Healing Garden Recovery


Healing Garden Recovery

     Healing Garden Recovery specializes in the utilization of Iboga and it's alkaloid Ibogaine for treatment-resistant addictions.

"We create treatment plans specifically tailored to the individual. Whether you are battling substance abuse, PTSD, depression, or desiring a stronger connection to self we have the tools and knowledge to help." 

     If you or a loved one is suffering from treatment-resistant substance abuse, please reach out to a member of the Healing Garden for more information.

*Healing Garden Recovery is a trusted member of Colorado Psychedelic Community and is based in Baja California, MX.