Colorado Psychedelic Community
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Colorado Psychedelic Community

Colorado Psychedelic Community is a an organization made up of entheogen cultivators, ceremonial facilitators, and psychedelic-enthusiasts who want to learn and spread their knowledge. The core of our motivation comes from bringing like minded souls together. Here within the community we would like to provide the resources to integration circles, entheogenic-medicine ceremonies, courses in cultivation of sacred medicines, and community meetups.

Community is the center of our organization. by creating a cohesive network, it is hoped that changes in drug policy, education and use will be established based on evidence, rather than fear-based misinformation. The Colorado Psychedelic Community is based in Denver, Colorado and run by a number of volunteers passionate about psychedelics and their plethora of benefits.

What We Offer:


The Colorado Psychedelic Community hosts integration circles, book clubs, psychedelic sharing events, film screenings and panels across Colorado. We hope that in creating communities across the state we can better advocate for the decriminalization of all psychedelics and break stigmas associated with psychedelic use.

Medicine Facilitators and Guides

Our community is held tightly together by the medicines. We often encounter many whom are looking for healing but do not know where to begin. 

Our community has comprised a list of trusted-medicine facilitators in and outside the state of Colorado. 

Whether you are searching for a facilitator (Shaman), a trip-sitter, a group ceremony or retreat; It is probably on this list. All of our facilitators are a part of our online community and can be reached at anytime for more information. 

Mycology Courses and Vendors

We believe that cultivation knowledge and supplies should be readily available to anybody who should want it.

Our Colorado Psychedelic trusted-instructors and vendors are experienced mycologists who strive to bring this incredible medicine to all whom are in need of it. 

All of our vendors are based in Colorado.